At Unitek, Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety is more than just a word at Unitek – it is an integral part of our culture. We are committed to ensuring all our employees and contracted partners return home safely at the end of each day. Protecting the well-being of our workforce is a responsibility we take very seriously. Through diligent training, strict adherence to protocols, and a relentless focus on safety in all aspects of our operations, we work to minimize risks and prioritize the health and safety of every individual associated with our company.

Mike Halstead
VP of Safety and Corporate Services

With over 25 years of industry experience. As the Vice President of Safety and Corporate Services at UniTek Global Services, I oversee the safety and operational excellence of a diverse workforce in multiple industries, including wireless, satellite, cable, and energy. With over Four years of experience in this role, I have successfully implemented safety and fleet policies, procedures, and best practices that have reduced accidents, injuries, and costs, and improved compliance, performance, and customer satisfaction.

One of my core competencies is creating and delivering job-specific safety training programs for employees and contractors.. I am also proficient in collecting and analyzing data to identify safety trends, risks, and opportunities, and to provide reports and recommendations to senior management and clients. Additionally, I am adept at adapting to changing environments and projects and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to ensure safety and operational excellence. My mission is to promote a culture of safety and quality across the organization and the industry, and to empower my team to achieve their goals and exceed expectations.

Graham Thomas
Director of Safety and Training

As the Director of Training and Safety at UniTek, I have over four years of experience leading fleet management, employee safety training, and compliance initiatives across the organization’s five divisions. In this role, I ensure that our cable and fiber construction teams have the necessary resources to perform inside and outside plant operations safely across various industries, while also staying ahead of changing standards and regulations.

Monitoring the telecommunications construction sector closely, I focus on developing innovative safety training materials and programs to address emerging risks. Prior to joining UniTek, I gained extensive experience in emergency response and risk mitigation through a 25-year career as a firefighter for the City of Findlay, Ohio. Additionally, I spent five years as an instructor at the University of Findlay, where I conducted hands-on training courses covering topics such as hazardous materials transportation, confined space safety, and hazardous waste operations.

Through my diverse professional background, I bring practical expertise and knowledge in operational safety leadership to UniTek. Ensuring employee well-being remains the highest priority as we deliver critical connectivity infrastructure projects

Stacy Bond
Fleet and Safety Manager

As Fleet and Safety Manager for Unitek’s five divisions, I oversee more than $12 million in assets across the organization. My responsibilities include procurement of all vehicle and equipment purchases, as well as management of fleet operations and ensuring compliance with applicable rules and regulations daily. I bring 18 years of experience in the telecommunications industry to this role.

My daily activities range from addressing routine maintenance needs such as oil changes, to coordinating larger procurement activities. Safety is also a top priority, as I hold certifications including OSHA 510 and OSHA 500. In addition to teaching safety courses myself, I work to keep our team up to date on regulatory changes from the Department of Transportation, as well as federal, state, and local authorities, as they relate to fleet operations and our industry.

Through proactive asset, risk and compliance management, I aim to support Unitek’s divisions and their important work in a safe and responsible manner.